September 15, 2008

Removing TREND MICRO OfficeScan

To all the NUS students who find TREND MICRO OfficeScan installed in you laptop by "default" and find it
- useless since it doesnt really do much
- use another Anti-Virus software such as AVG or Norton

You guys would have realised by now that if you try to uninstall TREND MICRO, it asks for an admin password and this admin password isnt your Windows password either. Unfortunately NUS Computer Center has locked it with their own password. So if you dont know the password you guys have to go all the way to IT Care (located at level 1 of Computer Center building) to get it uninstalled.

So here is the password to uninstall it.


Thanks to Shahzad for suggesting the password to try it out. It does work although takes ages to uninstall.