April 26, 2007

Remove Ads from Windows Live Messenger 8.1

Tired of those annoying WLM ads, the one that when your mouse rolls over, it starts playing videos? Well I am, and it seems like a lot of others are - enough for people to come up with something to stop it (and therefore give you more viewing area for your contacts)! =)

A-Patch for MSN Messenger allows you to do that and a lot more! Get it here:

April 19, 2007

Don't do ribbons?

If you want classic menus back on Office 2007, take a look at this!


Windows Media Player @ Firefox

Yes, finally! Microsoft came to their senses. They have made a plug-in for Firefox available through their open-source developer platform. The bitches don't want to put it at Microsoft.com! But at least they made it available somewhere, so lets be thankful.


April 9, 2007

HHCTRL.OCX error on bootup

Are any of you getting a HHCTRL.OCX related error on booting up? If so, it's thanks to Windows Update - Microsoft updated some system file. It causes errors in RealTek sound hardware drivers etc due to a system file relocation (or something like that). Anyway, here's the patch to fix it.