April 14, 2011

Google Chrome: quickly search your history, and other customisations

I'm a Chrome fan, but this is one thing Firefox, and only Firefox (so far), does really well - the FF Awesome Bar is pretty awesome when it comes to searching. When you type something into the address bar, it searches the net, your history, your bookmarks etc, all at once.

Chrome is not so good at this, especially the stuff in your history. I really have to open up the history and get down to some dirty searching sometimes.

Here's a quick way to get around this if you have the same problem.

Right click the Chrome address bar and choose 'Edit Search Engines'. Add a new entry there with the values..

Name: chrome history (or whatever you want to call it)
Keyword: h
URL: chrome://history/#q=%s


Now all you gotta do is type an 'h' in the address bar, before you type what you're looking for, and Chrome will search your history for you.

A couple of search strings I came across:

If you want to customize your search string to auto-include keywords you always include:
(Example using Google search)

You can chain more keywords by adding '&q='