November 29, 2008

AJAX Video Player

Before you read further, this post is about a totally random theoretical/hypothetical idea. So do not question me on how it works or for proof of existence. I have no idea if such an idea or product is available.

Coming to the actual post now...

Well we all know that using AJAX we can refresh just a part of the webpage. So I was wondering what if we do the following:

1) Put a box of lets say 200 x 200 pixels on a webpage (the size of the box can be anything). And yeah under a div tag with an id lets say "player".

2) We create a bunch of images maybe 1000 and put them in a folder. Also we number them from 1 to 1000. Example: 1.jpg, 3.jpg, 674.jpg, etc.
At this point we also assume that the bunch of images are actually 1000 frames of a video and are named such that 1.jpg corresponds to frame 1 and so on.

3) Now we use JavaScript on the webpage so as to refresh the "player" part of the page asynchrounously so as to display the images sequentially.

4) And now we make another assumption. (If you are wondering why so many assumptions, its cause this idea is hypothetical). Lets assume that we can refresh the page 50 times in a second and also display an image completely with each refresh.

Then wont we be able to make a video player for browser using just JavaScript. And get rid of Flash Video Player and other players that come as plugins to the browser.

Note: Dont ask me to why I came out with this weird idea. I just thought about it.

November 2, 2008

I got Chromed

I got a rather interesting warning message while I was on a Google site using Google Chrome. Ya ya I know it's still in beta, but I was amused!

November 1, 2008

ThinkPad R52 Opened up

This how ThinkPad R52 looks like when opened up... Guess I was a bit bored...