August 21, 2006

Win XP Home - Join Domain

Yup so this is how it came about bitch and whore always had probs doing some very technical stuff. So bitch and whore would research the solution - find it, implement it. A few months later bitch and/or whore (usually bitch) would want to do the same thing again, but forgot the method implemented. Whore of course wouldn't remember either - so whore suggested to bitch we should set up that blog we discussed ages ago, so we don't have to go very far to look up the solution of already solved problems. Of course whore was too lazy to do it, so bitch decided to set it up :)

So as far as we knew, win xp home users couldn't join domain - well one person claims that it can --> Read up here:

Anyone with win xp home can verify this??

shahzadsk (bitch)


  1. hey bitch & whore
    do u ppl have any idea abt windows not shutting down.... it happened to me when whore crashed my comp once last sem... my solution: remove the battery if u r using laptop, for dsktop got no soltuion...

  2. Restart the desktop
    Or cut off the power supply :P