April 26, 2007

Remove Ads from Windows Live Messenger 8.1

Tired of those annoying WLM ads, the one that when your mouse rolls over, it starts playing videos? Well I am, and it seems like a lot of others are - enough for people to come up with something to stop it (and therefore give you more viewing area for your contacts)! =)

A-Patch for MSN Messenger allows you to do that and a lot more! Get it here:


  1. hey so far i havent had any ads when i use Windows Live Msgr.... and i havent installed anything other than Messenger Plus.... so i am surprised that you actually have that issue when you use Messenger Plus as well...

  2. lol ur blind dude :P

    anyway, I've been using this for aaages :D

  3. Yeah you're blind Aravind.. You use the polygamy patch right Buddhi?

  4. WTF would anyone trust a patch from a site which has "Praise be to God" on every announcement? Removing the ad's a simple registry change; Google and you'll find it.

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