December 2, 2008

Desktop - a web browser

What if your dektop is actually a web browser?

Wouldnt it be great that you dont need to open a window to surf the net when you can do it just off your desktop.

Also what if all the desktop applications such as Word and stuff are written using web languages and all run on the browser.

Note: I really dont know what I was talking about there but it doesnt mean we can get rid of an OS cause OS is still needed to communicate with the hardware of a PC.


  1. its an age-old client server architecure.
    client side uses dummy terminals, and the server pretty much runs everything (apps, processing, data storage). hence the dummy OS is very simple. this also makes things quite secure.

    ATMs use it if Im not mistaken.

    some company domains use it to save costs. cos the dummys can be super low config comps. but ya, the server has to be pretty highend that way.

    NUS domain also has some services which run like that.

  2. To be more appropriate WinXP Embedded