May 27, 2007

Configuring the Windows Update (and OS) to use Proxy

A slightly more technical tip this time around, but a problem I've encountered nonetheless in my endeavour for free internet.

1. For those of you not aware, your operating system has to be original (or rather M$ needs to be convinced its original) before you can update it(yes Vista can bypass WGA checks - but you won't find it in this post)!

2. To download updates, you need to most likely use Windows Update, which is part of the operating system - as such, if you do use a corporate proxy to access the internet, you will need to use the same proxy to get these updates - unfortunately, there's no straightforward window to go to and enter these settings.

3. To do this, you will have to use command prompt. Go to Start --> Run...--> cmd
Note that this should be done with elevated privileges i.e. either run with User Account Control (UAC) disabled, or you'll have to create a shortcut on your desktop, and then right click, and Run as Administrator...

4. Type "netsh" (sans quotes)

5. Type "winhttp" (sans quotes) - this is a nested command

6. Type "set proxy proxyname:Port" (sans quotes) e.g. "set proxy"

Tip: To get more advanced help on any of these commands you can type "/?" at any time at the command prompt.

7. Windows Update should now work, provided your copy is "Genuine".

This setting should hopefully allow all your other programs that require access to the internet without much trouble - e.g. your gadgets in the Sidebar.

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