June 28, 2007

IP Problems with MSN Messenger?

So I've been having this problem with MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger (WLM) as it's now known - just refused to sign in! A commonly accepted solution is to delete all previous settings, either manually or by downloading a file and running it (http://messenger.jonathankay.com/downloads/remove_msgrsettings.reg)

Well that didn't work for me either - the error I was getting was that I appeared to have an invalid IP - found that quite weird as I'd refreshed my IP several times and no other application was giving me trouble - indeed I could sign into Web Messenger and eBuddy.

Then I just realised that my winhttp settings were still set to a proxy and voila it worked!

Here's how you go about resetting your winhttp proxy:
1. Start --> Run --> cmd
2. Type "netsh" sans quotes
3. Type "winhttp" sans quotes - this is a nested command (more info in a previous post)
4. Type "reset proxy" sans quotes
5. Close the command prompt window

Voila! It works! =)


  1. netsh worked, but winhttp wasn't recognized. What now??

  2. What OS are you using, I believe the command might be proxycfg as opposed to winhttp

  3. netsh and winhttp worked, but it won't let me reset my proxy. It keeps telling me "Access is Denied".

  4. netsh and winhttp both worked but when i typed in reset proxy it didnt work. i did it again just incase i spelt it wrong but it still came up with 'Access Denied'
    What do i do now ?

  5. does this workd for firefox??

  6. you can try. its more of a windows setting, not just msn

  7. i'm using ip messenger in our office for LAN chat amongst colleagues. The problem is though my colleagues are online and can see others online some of their sent messages fail giving the message "sending failed? Retry". But if someone sends them a message and if they reply to the same message in the same window then the message goes. What could be the cause of such a problem? Pls do let me know...

  8. hi all ... im tryen to log on msn on my uncles pc at the guest account but it show error code i think it say there is IP problem ... can any one help plz ??