December 16, 2007

NUS Capping Speeds?

As mentioned earlier, my computer is set up to access the internet via NUS' proxy, regardless of where I am, to ensure I have an encrypted connection to the internet. However of late, (in the last few days) I've realised that my speeds (browsing, downloading, etc) have decreased and seem to be capped at around 1Mbps (128 KBit/s).

I'm not sure if this is a temporary issue or is permanent, or whether it has to do with my connection, or only certain parts are rate limited (i.e. is LAN access still at full speed?)

Either way it's annoying and bad news for me and those who wish to use NUS' internet.

Can anyone else staying off campus double check this for me?


  1. Haha. If you think 1Mbps is depressing, then I must be suffering miserably.

    I use Ubuntu with vpnc (Cisco alternative). ON CAMPUS (read ON CAMPUS) and off campus I only receive at 50kbps max. =/


  2. Hmm you realise that NUS WebVPN works right? Give that a try.

  3. Yo mate.

    I am not a fan of the WebVPN. The client works fine for fine. We all have our own preference.

    Amazingly, you can use NUS proxy with WebVPN. Normally (for my case at least), an access denied page will come out.

    I got 200+kbps for WebVPN outside NUS just for the sake of testing for you. It might appear it is either NUS fault (hopefully temporary) or your connection end.


  4. Ah cool, I'll check it for the access denied page popping up, is when you set your IE settings (or other settings) to access NUS proxy without actually being authenticated. Since WebVPN means that you have to access a webpage, (as opposed to an actual client). I've found one remedy is to set as a site to be accessed directly (exception list).

    I'll give it a test again - thanks for the test.

  5. No problem. But I tested using firefox (and opera). Ubuntu doesn't have IE. =P

    And I have no idea how to add direct access site (whatever) with firefox. If you know how to do so, please enlighten me.

  6. Tools-->Options-->Advanced-->Network-->Settings....

    Manual proxy configuration:
    HTTP Proxy: Port:8080

    Check the box that says use proxy server for all protocols

    In the field that says "No proxy for:"