December 21, 2007

NUS Proxy Guilty of Capping Speeds

Okay, so after running a few of my diagnostic tests I've found a few things out. If you set your proxy to (as suggested earlier), your speeds will be capped, regardless of location (even if you're ON CAMPUS). I've been using FlashGet to verify my claims.

Therefore for maximum speeds, you need to configure your proxy to Direct Access (for now).

What I'm yet to figure out is that the Direct Access can't be quite direct - due to tunneling, and therefore need to figure out the proxy that they're using.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Till then if you still need an NUS IP for accessing the internet, will work albeit @ a speed of 128KB/s


  1. Hi there,

    I was away for a few days, so only just now that I was able to test out the combo of proxy + webvpn procedure as you stated. I still encountered access denied for all the pages after logging.

    Erm, I use the NUS Cisco VPN 4.8 client with proxy set up and OUTSIDE NUS. Voila, 700kbps receiving speed with Orbit Downloader, maxed out the whole bandwidth. =/

    Yeah, the good old VPN client still rules!

  2. Regarding this speed capping this issue, I think its alright if you are outside campus. Cause I use the proxy settings and use VPN to d/l stuff. I get really high speeds in Denmark.
    Although the speed might be affected by distance from the server you are downloading. Cause Denmark is very near Germany where RapidShare is based. So this might catalyst the high speed. Also the amount of security enabled in your network can cause slower d/l.