March 18, 2009

Mystery quiz applications on the 'new' Facebook

Yet another revamp. This one isn't so good I feel. There's an information overload and it's not very legible. I liked the previous font sizing variation and the ability to select the level of detail you want. Changing the Home content according to different friend lists or applications is a cool new feature though. The only good new feature in my opinion.

Do you have quizzes turning up on your Home page? I do! Lots of them. And you can't hide them, because all the new Home can do is hide updates from that particular friend, which is not what I want it to do! I don't want to see anymore weird quizzes about birthdays an animals! I found a few of them by name and blocked them. They (2 of them) disappeared from the left side menu. Yes!!!

But no. A few minutes later I had another 2 quizzes added in! Like wtf? Whatever happened to the Facebook we had total control over??

(Notice the last 2 links)

No, they don't turn up on your Applications page either. Any ideas anyone?

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